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Dr. Alfred A. Yee lecture series delivered in Shenzhen and Nanning, China


Yee Precast Design Group President, Dr. Alfred A. Yee, travelled to Shenzhen and Nanning, China to provide a lecture series on precast prestressed concrete technology in early November 2011.  The lectures in Shenzhen were the highlight of a conference organized by the Shenzhen Urban and Construction Bureau and the Shenzhen Civil Engineering Society.  In Nanning, Dr. Yee was featured at the Nanning Forum 2011, organized by the Asian Concrete Construction Institute in cooperation with the Information & Research Institute of Building Material Industry of China.  

Dr. Yee spoke to audiences of up to 400 industry professionals and academics about the benefits of utilizing precast prestressed technology. The lectures were a great success as the philosophy of precast concrete building is relatively new to the construction industry in China.  The ability to achieve superior structural performance, conserve of natural resources, and realize cost savings using precast sparked much interest from conference attendees.  Dr. Yee was presented the Asian Concrete Construction Institute Lifetime Achievement Award.