About Yee Precast Design Group
Dr. Yee receiving the Hawaii Engineering Society (HCES) Lifetime achievement award in 2009

Dr. Yee receiving the Hawaii Engineering Society
(HCES) Lifetime achievement award in 2009

Yee Precast Design Group Ltd. is an international structural engineering firm that specializes in precast concrete design. We are located in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii with our affiliated Asia office, Precast Design Consultants Pte. Ltd. located in Singapore. We are dedicated to the advancement of design, structural engineering and construction through innovation and creativity.

Our founder and President, Dr. Alfred A. Yee, pioneered the use of precast prestressed concrete construction technology. Since introducing Hawaii’s first precast, prestressed concrete mass production facility in 1955, he developed methods, devices, and construction techniques that are now widely used in construction of mid and high-rise buildings, bridges, barges, and waterfront structures. During his career, Dr. Yee and his staff have designed and administered the construction of thousands of structures in North America, South America, the Pacific Islands, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

Our expert team of engineers is dedicated to this tradition of structural design excellence. You can get to know our engineering and management team here.

In structural engineering, we believe true innovation is more than a design concept or construction technique. Exotic theories and daring applications frequently complicate things; however, our design methodology utilizing precast technology will almost always reduce the materials, labor and time required for construction, resulting in significant cost savings.

Reducing materials consumption not only brings down construction costs, but is highly essential toward preserving the world's natural resources such as fuels, minerals, timber, metals and water. We as engineers have the ability and the duty to assist in preserving the earth's energy and natural resources by designing efficient labor, material, and time-saving construction systems.


Dr. Yee and his associates developing precast
erection techniques circa 1960

The design team at work

Precast balconies lifted into place